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However, getting your misaligned bite fixed is not as expensive as you may think. Orthodontists and mouth specialists have developed in-office techniques that are also very cost-effective and helpful in correcting a patient’s bite. If the discomfort you are experiencing is minimal, it is your choice whether or not to live with it. But if that ache or pain is triggered as a result of a misaligned jaw, your teeth are in danger of aging fast.

It is not always difficult to tell if that discomfort you are experiencing is as a result of a misaligned bite even though the ailment is not a rare phenomenon. In fact, about 75% of adults are reported to have a misaligned bite, though in most cases, the sufferers are utterly oblivious to the fact that their bite is misaligned. The condition of a misaligned bite can persist and in the fullness of time, lead to the early wear and tear of your teeth. This is the problem you could face when you start aging unless you set it right by using oral appliances.

Looking in the mirror and gazing at your bite will never show if your bite is aligned or misaligned. Even a professional dentist cannot merely take a long look at your jaw and pronounce that you have a misaligned bite. The use of special techniques is necessary to help in determining whether you have the problem or not. If you do, teeth specialists know the exact steps to take by using oral appliances that will set your temporomandibular joint straight again.

In conclusion, regular visits to the dentist should help in minimizing this problem. If you feel any pain in your jaw, no matter how slight, you should notify your dentist so that appropriate tests can be conducted to find out whether you are suffering from a misaligned bite or not.  

Oral Appliances

Most of the time, when your jaw goes out of alignment, the headache and other body pain may not even be associated with the misaligned TMJ until an orthodontist takes a look at your jaw. Despite your constant visits to your dentist, the probability of him checking your misaligned bite is very slim. This anomaly is partly the fault of dental schools that have not deemed it fit to include sufficient training on how to assess a patient’s temporomandibular joint in their curricula. It is also partly the fault of the society as most people don’t readily visit a dentist or medical practitioner just on a whim unless such a person is faced with a medical problem. For that reason, most dentists, when assessing a dental patient, only talk about the pressing issue at hand and may neglect to ask for permission to check their patient’s bite. But if not discovered soon enough and appropriate measures put in place by the use of oral appliances, your teeth are in danger of wearing out very fast, and you could end up losing them too soon.

Oral Appliances in Correcting Temporomandibular Joints Disorder

The misalignment of the jaw can cause terrible pain in your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) since they connect the lower jaw to the upper part of your skull. Such pain can extend to the ears, trigger pain in the muscles, and also cause headaches. The only remedy that can bring relief to sufferers of this ailment is the use of oral appliances. These are orthodontic appliances that are created to get rid of TMJ problems brought on by the misalignment of the jaw.  

The temporomandibular joint is the joint at which the upper and lower jaws meet, and when it goes out of alignment, it could result to stress on the muscles at that joint. A misaligned jaw or bite implies that your lower and upper teeth are askew in such a way that they do not connect in the right way. This, in turn, causes a lot of discomfort as a result of the pain. The misalignment of the jaw can also cause your teeth not to last as long as they naturally should.